Equator Versatile Gauge TP20 with INTUO Software


The Equator gauge is a comparator for medium to high volume gauging applications , making it an ideal process control device for continuous part manufacture, or for flexible production of a variety of parts re-occuring as regular batches .

Equator is a robust system designed specifically for the shop floor , proven in hundreds of applications across multiple industries. It can cope with wide changes in temperature, by re-zeroing the system using the principle of mastering.

Equator is : 

  • - Flexible - can gauge multiple parts and copes easily with design changes 
  • - Fast and automated 
  • - Low Cost of ownership with no calibration required 
  • - Consistent and not operator dependent - excellent Guage R & R 
  • - Thermally insensitive 
  • - Small machine footprint relative to part size